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Vineyard Plain City-Who We Are

Vineyard Plain City was founded in 2008 by Pastor Michael Coates. What had a vision.

What if we didn’t do church for the sake of the church? What if we did church for the sake of the city?
This man began Vineyard Plain City out of a group of Christ Followers gathering in a home.
They began feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and loving those who had been cast off by churches and assaulted by religion.

Change happened.
Not just in the city, but in us.

We began to walk with compassion, listen with empathy and listen not for what we wanted to hear but for the heart beat of Jesus.

Now in our second generation Vineyard Plain City has a new pastor with the same vision.

Invite those who want to do good regardless of their religion.

Love those who aren’t loved regardless of their skin color, nationality or orientation.

And counter religious expectation with the invitations of Jesus.

Come Join us as we step into the healing Jesus has for the world.

At Vineyard Plain City there is

No Shame. No Show. Just Jesus

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