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Plan a Visit

Where do you meet?

The Vineyard meets in the cafeteria of the Daily Needs Assistance non profit at 340 W. Main Street, Plain City, OH (the old Plain City Elementary building) at 10:45 am on Sunday Mornings.

You can enter through the rear door by our A-frame sign.

Our meeting consists of time singing songs of love and appreciation to Jesus.

Listening or meditating on what God wants to say to us.

And a talk from our pastor that will challenge your idea of what a ‘Christian’ really should be.

Our services end promptly at 12 (noon) but there is always someone available to pray with you, talk with you or help you get involved.

What about Kids?

Kids will have the opportunity to sing or dance or color or play while we worship together for the first 30 minutes or so of service. After that kids 0-6 years of age will have a supervised classroom where a child care provider will watch them during the talk. Kids over 6 years of age will have access to coloring or other crafts in the cafeteria during the adult portion of the service.

We want our kids to recognize that they are a part of what we are doing. Sometimes kids misbehave, sometimes they are loud, but they are always welcome.

At the Vineyard we aren’t trying to put on a show, or make anyone feel ashamed. We simply want to point everyone (even the youngest child) to the joy of being with Jesus.

What do you believe?

We are part of the Association of VIneyard Churches USA. We embrace and affirm their statement of faith in it’s entirety. You can read it here.

We believe that God created each and every person with so much potential, creativity and passion, but Sin separates us from our created selves.

We believe that when we step into the redemption that God has for our city, we get to experience the person God created us as.

What should I wear?

Wear what you want!

Our leadership team is often in jeans, ball caps, hoodies or tees. We believe God sees us in our everyday life. We don’t try to impress others or God by how we dress. However you show up dressed, you will be welcome.